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As a business founder, you have burned the midnight oil and made important, strategic decisions that have attributed to your success and brought you to present day. What’s next?

Working with Sax Capital Advisors can help you to fulfill one of your most important business decisions for you and your family – selling your business and maximizing value for all parties.

Sax Capital Advisors has vast experience in investment banking, corporate finance, and optimizing capital structures which arms us with the tools and skills to advise you on critical decisions to complete a successful transaction that exceeds your expectations.

Sax Capital Advisor’s Key Differentiators & Principles

Long-Term and Relationship Focused

Sax Capital Advisors views all engagements and conversations about selling a business with a long-term lens. We will never push you to sell your company now – instead, we take a long view and provide strategic advice to prepare you to sell when the time is right. As partners, we will have consistent and thorough discussions on the current business trends, Founder (and family) needs, your primary goals and wishes, as well as current investor sentiment. This, in-turn, allows us to deliver a deliberate plan to pursue a successful transaction that makes sense to you and your long-term interests.

Engagements and relationships that Sax Capital Advisors are involved in run the gamut – from those developed over multiple years before going to market, to those exploring a sale of their business from the get-go. Our approach is to align with your needs and advise you on considerations and opportunities until we reach a successful close.

Fortune 100 Experience Tailored To the Middle Market

Our team of advisors have worked at some of the most prestigious investment banking and financial services firms in the world and have collected critical skills and knowledge working with a multitude of large clients across the globe. Sax Capital Advisors leverages this experience to bring to the table meaningful opportunities for your company. We understand the necessity of a hands-on approach with Founders, while extracting the right information to position your company properly for institutional investors and acquirors. Our mission is to deliver a high-quality outcome for both parties.

Sax has a vast network of resources to identify your right investor, regardless of geography and industry. We have represented firms who have sold to European Acquirors, International Conglomerates, National Private Equity Firms, Regional Strategic Acquirors and everything in between. We work vigorously to ensure we are speaking with every potential candidate about the opportunity to invest in your firm.

Confidentiality is Mission Critical

With the advent of social media, proliferation of cell phones, and other means of technology, it does not take long nowadays for information to travel quickly. “How do we protect confidentiality?” is one of the first questions most owners ask us. Sax has a dedicated and disciplined approach to managing a process that protects your confidentiality first and foremost. Before we enter a signed engagement, we explain in detail how we will protect confidentiality at every step until the moment of announcement. Sax typically hosts management meetings in our offices and off-site locations and utilizes best practices and proven strategies to market your business while not raising suspicion. Our team works to collect competitive information, craft a timeline for announcements to specific parties, and remove potential acquirors who are just “kicking the tires.” We understand this concern and go above and beyond to protect you and the process.

Founder Focused and Conflict Free

We are an investment banking practice focused on founder-owned businesses – period. We do not work for institutional investors or large acquirors. A differentiator between us and our competitors is whether they are specialists in an industry or generalist – chances are they may be trying to sell your business to a buyer or investor who they will try to represent in the future. Our advisors have seen this time and time again that Advisors may be less inclined to aggressively push price and value to someone they are looking to represent down the road.

This is a key difference in our approach, we do not work for institutional investors or large acquirors – instead we have constant dialogue with those investors, and they understand that a business represented by Sax Capital Advisors will receive a premium price coupled with a high-quality sales process. We want to make sure that during a sale process, your needs are never put above the prospects of future business with Private Equity. We make that commitment to our clients on all transactions.

We Tell You What You Need to Hear

The Sax team tells you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. With your time and expectations top of mind, we commit to only working towards results that we think are deliverable. We will not provide far-fetched valuations, timelines, or other expectations that we do not believe are realistically achievable.

Our approach is to start with a conservative base valuation. We know the gimmicks others play to win business and hold ourselves to a higher ethical standard than that. We have frank and transparent conversations at all points in the process to flesh out all potential issues that may arise to get in front of them. This is why we have a 100% success rate for our sellers in converting Letters of Intent to Closed Transactions.

Key Segment of a nationally ranked Professional Services Firm

Sax Capital Advisors is a strategic segment and subsidiary of Sax LLP, a nationally known Professional Services firm with expertise in tax, accounting, wealth management, IT Solutions and consultative business advisory practices. The overarching goal of Sax is to stay on the right side of relevance in the eyes of our clients and be the first call for decision-making that matters most to their lives and business. This means providing services that address every aspect of a life and business cycle – such as wealth management, diversified IT solutions, Trusts & Estates, M&A advisory and virtually everything in between.

When you work with Sax Capital Advisors, you are backed by a team of highly capable advisors in a vast number of fields and industries. While other firms may offer a diversified array of siloed services, Sax promotes an internal culture of collaboration where all departments and subject-matter experts speak and share perspectives from unique angles to identify thoughtful and tailored opportunities and solutions for clients.

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